On-Page SEO: The practical guide for SEO beginners

This blog will help to provide complete guidance on On-Page SEO to apply on your website to get a better rank on the Google search page. When someone makes their business website, first they think How to do website On-page SEO to improve site ranking?

Let's start knowing first about some important steps, you should apply on your website to get a result, These steps are:

1) Check website content

First, you need to do keyword research for your business category, What are the terms most people search on Google? Who is your audience? What people like about such a type of business service?

After knowing all these things, you need to select some keywords based on their search and competition and start writing relevant content for your website that looks simple and easy for reading.

Note: A simple website have some content word limit for each page of the site, having less than 300 words is not good for any website, should be more than 600 and a max of 850 is enough for any business website for each page.

  • Choose the right domain name: It's also an important factor for any website, choose the domain which considers your business services or people easily know about your business.
  • High authority domain like .com makes your first property when you go for domain purchasing. This domain has the good trust of people and most searching domain on the internet.
  • Make your website more attractive and include important pages over there to showcase your business services and client reviews.
  • Always add a call to action button to build strong trust and reality toward the audience.
  • Interlink website pages to another section to redirect your audience into another page and avoid duplicate content anywhere in your web pages.
  • Include high quality of good images that are relevant to your website content and business services which have include Alt text that helps to appear high rank on the google image section and increase traffic on your website.

2) Update title tag or meta description

How your website looks on the Google search page, that all depends on the title tag and meta description. Write short and include a relevant keyword in your website title tag, it should not more than 50-60 characters.

Make some summary of your website that shows what your business does? Include some keywords, don't do keyword stuffing in the meta description. Write simple and easy to read content and won't be more than 150-160 characters.

3) Check Website pages URL

Make your web page URL most searchable and unique that shows about page content and business information. Don't use predefined or any numerical URL, just edit your all website page URL with the relevant search terms. 

Note: Make URL short max of 70 characters and if possible include some keywords.

4) Connect website with Search console

Google search console is a tool that helps in indexing your website pages along with you can submit a sitemap, see website traffic, mobile and desktop page speed, and if any error in your website you can easily check through this tool.

Just enter your website domain or URL to go further steps and register your website over there to check your website performance and make it better according to that.

5) Index your website pages

Inspect your web page URL to URL Inspection tool so google knows about your web pages and their spider first check all your web page and crawl one by one to index your page. After indexing, Google ranks your page based on your website quality score.

Make sure you have inspected all your individual web page, no matter how many you have. Just copy URL and paste over URL inspection tab and index them to Click the “Request indexing” button.

To check whether your page is indexed or not, type site: Your website name and press enter. Google will appear on all your indexed page. If any page is not visible over there, you can go again to URL inspection and index them again.

6) Check the website's technical terms

Before going to the further steps first you need to clarify what is technical SEO? To make sure you should follow all the below-mentioned steps to ensure your site is perfect know technically.

a) Make website more secure

Make sure your site has an SSL certificate installed because the security factor also affects the website ranking, it's not 100% but will import somewhere in your google ranking.

Make your website secure using HTTPS connectivity because some of the users left any site that is not secure. From google update 2017, website security matter for a better ranking.

b) Optimise Code

The website code must be in the proper formating it should have include heading [H1] and subheading tags [ H2, H3..].

Your website every page has only one H1 headling and create a hierarchy of subheading tags that is the best place to put keyword content in between them.

Remove unnecessary or unusual code that blocks your website speed and make the code simple and short. And use a good size font for any text or make them bold if anything important on your website. 

  • Image quality: Optimize the size of the image, make your image size smaller that is good for the image ranking.
  • Use the Alt tag for each image that helps the search engine to understand what that image is about. And write relevant image name, don't write any name of your image. 
  • Note: If your website has multiple images, you can use CDN for your website that increases website speed. CDN is a cloud base frame that store images on multiple servers instead of to a single server.

Use Interlinking: Make your website structure more efficient to redirect some links to another page which increases traffic on each web page and the audience easily visit all your service pages.

c) Use canonical tags

If your website has only one URL to access multiple pages or have the same content for multiple pages, you should mark some duplicate pages to the canonical tags so Google can easily find real web pages and crawl to the right one.

d) Create an XML sitemap

Why sitemap is important? because this work as a roadmap for your website. The sitemap tells google about your webpage structure and spiders will crawl as based on their structure. Google can easily know about all your web pages and crawl all of them without any confusion.

f) Robots.txt

Using this file, we can tell google crawler to tell about our important page indexing and google will know which page should index or which is not so the crawler will not send any request for indexing. And instruct the crawler how to crawl website pages one by one and which one need to crawl first.

g) Check website loading and speed time

It's an important part of the website, all measurable score depends on only this factor. Website page speed test can show about all defects that are in the website or how we improve them.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly because 75% of people only use the mobile device for any search. If your web page loading time is high means your web bounce rate is high because people don't wait for loading any page they want instant access to.

Note: Here I suggest one tool that is PageSpeed Insights, you can enter your website URL and know about your mobile and desktop speed for your website and which factor block your web speed, easily you can check there.

h) Check website DA, PA and Spam score

These are the factor that varies for each site and Google somehow rank websites based their score. Check your website Domain authority, Page authority and spam score using tools and if the score is less you should improve them to get a better ranking on the Google search page.

Note: DA and PA should not be less than 40 and the spam score should not more than 1.

7) Website analytics

Google Analytics helps to track all real-time data of your website such as how many users action on your website, which cities are mostly visited your site, from which social media platform we gain high traffic, and many more parameters available that is essential to know every time and basis on that you can improve traffic on your website.

To know more about What is SEO? freely ask in the comment box. We will try to solve out your problem and help in getting your website rank in the best position on the Google search result page.


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