What Is Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is an analysis tool/website, where we can check all information related to your website/blog. It has many categories for checking our website performance over world wide.
  • If you create your website or blog but you have no idea that how many users visit your site or from which device mostly they search about your website or from which country visitors come, For tracking all this information or we can say know about your website performance in a measurable form with accurate data.
  • If you did not connect our website to Google analytics means you run your website blindly, which cause your website is not rank on Google and does not reach to more audience.
Google Analytics

How Google analytics measures our website performance: Let's clear this, After creating a Google Analytics account. Google will provide one code for our website with one tracking ID this is unique for each website.
We just copy that code on our blog/website HTML part after <head> tag. Through this code Google analytics track all information about our website.

What Google analytics work for our website: 
  • Track all real-time traffic data sources and generate accurate measurable reports. Also include all reference source URL.
  • We know how many users real-time action users on our website.
  • Show from which country, how many audiences come on website per day, week, month.
Google Analytics

How we connect the blog to Google Analytics: 

Go to setting the option of your blog, where you see many options like basic, post, user, and search preference, etc. We will select other options and paste tracking ID on the last page (Google analytics ID option).

Also, copy code from Google analytics and paste this code after <head> tag in our blog theme where you will see Edit HTML option.

We can also add multiple websites into one Google analytics account- Go to setting option of your google analytics account and click on add new and paste your website URL after that you will check your other website performance.

Difference Between Google Search Console (Webmaster) and Google Analytics:
  1. Search console helps us to know about our website rank on google through SEO (Search engine optimization), we instruct to search console that now my website is ready for publishing then SEO check all our website content and performance and helps for ranking our website to see on top of google search engine result page but through Google analytics we check all website performance with measurable data report.
  2. Google Analytics is a wast form of search console because using search console we see the only limited report about our website like traffic source, country, device, etc but through Google analytics, we see all small to big information about our website like which age group mostly search our website content or which gender has maximum searches, etc.
  3. Using search console, SEO crawl the website data and based on crawling report SEO index the data and rank on search engine result page but Google analytics only helps us to gather all performance data about the website after SEO checker.
  4. Search console help us to know about the error on our website page and through this report, we minimize those error but Google analytics does not publish error report.

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