Image Optimizing for Search Engine

Evey's mind has one question, why image optimization is important in google ranking and also how to do this so our image also ranks in Google. Here I am sharing some tips and techniques for image optimization.

For example, we used most searchable and competition keyword for high ranking, similar to that if we use some images in our website that are relevant to article content so we need to focus on some keyword like what is the most suitable size in pixel and KB, which image extension we used that help in image quality like webp, jpeg, etc and why we improve our article image size, etc these are a key element for each image that we want to optimize.

Image optimization also plays a vital role in any website loading time if we use high size and extension that are not fit for our website that impact on our website speed calculation, it is very important to focus on some parameters that help to get a better ranking on search engine and get more traffic and visitor on website/blog.

Image optimization

How to Optimize

  • First, you need to check the image size that one you want to upload in your article, if it is more then The ideal size is 1,200 pixels wide by 675 pixels tall (or an aspect ratio of 16:9). The minimum size is 600 pixels wide by 335 pixels tall but larger images will look better when your followers click to expand the image.
  • For image resize we have lots of image editor options but I suggest one of the free editor tools that are PIXLR E, where you want to edit the image by size or by text, color everything. 

  • The second important point is you have to use WEBP, JPEG extension instead of PNG, and others it works better in terms of image quality and loading time. And also remove image history like inbuild image name, metadata, and GPs location
  • Now the question is how we do this, don't worry we have multiple options you can search on google about how to remove image metadata, it's a very simple step you have a select image which has you want to delete inbuild description and then clicks on the remove EXIF and saves the image.

  • The last one when you upload an image on blogger and WordPress you have to rename the image as per article title and most searchable keyword relevant to your article and click on the image and put the ALT and TITLE text it means the image has some identity and easily appears on search engine result page it is work similar as a meta description works in any article.


  1. Use a relevant image that matches your article content.
  2. Pick a good file name for your image that is relevant to your content.
  3. Make sure image dimensions match the image size as displayed.
  4. Reduce file size for faster loading.
  5. Remove image metadata and GPS history.
  6. Use image alt text.


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