We all know, nowadays social media play a very important role in each and every life for every kind of age. We all know what are social media platforms are present? How we use those platforms? How we promote our business over there? 

But we are still lagging in the Engagement part, We don't know exactly how we increase our sales on social media, how we get more audiences, and how we connect with more followers.

We all know we have many choices for promoting our business like we have Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc where we can get more sales and business awareness. 

Here I discuss How we increase Facebook engagement in a very short time duration because Facebook is one of the large social media where high audiences are connected to each other and there are many features like groups, create business pages, etc.

Tips for Facebook Engagement

1) Posting at the Right Time 

Time matters, we all know. Every work has a fixed time in which they really work better other than remaining time. For facebook posting this is similar, the posting should be fixed or should be varied according to our analytics reports like in which time the post has high engagement, like, share and comment. 

Here I share my personal experience, through my analytics report. According to me in a day two duration is work for Facebook post. First, we should post in the morning between 10:30 to 11.30, and the second duration is in the evening between 6.00 to 7.30.

One thing that you always keep in mind, without images, videos, etc you should not be posting any content on social media if you want high engagement on your post. Image attracts the audience to read our content and shows the whole content view in front of the public. For designing the image, we should decide on a color theme, content font size, creatives, etc for more attractive and eye-catchy so it is easy to readable and the audience like our content and show their interest in our post.

3) Include Relevant keywords

Many people think keyword research is not important for every post that we want to post on social media but according to me, it is an important factor for getting high reach, impression, and engagement. How? I should explain to you when we researched all post relevant keywords and we included in our post caption, in our image, video content. Now, what is happening, our post is visible to more audiences and showing in more feeds because each keyword has its own competition and they are helping to show our post to those audiences that follow those keywords that we already included in our post content.

4) Use Hashtags

Research on a hashtag before applying on your post, use those hashtags that are related to your post content, that has high reach. Some people use more than 10 hashtags that are thinking like if we will use more hashtags then our post getting more engagement but this is happening is not sure because each hashtag plays a different role as per post content and keyword. 

According to me  5-10 hashtags are enough to get a high reach, impression, and engagement. The selection of hashtags is important for each post and use has created a hashtag that shows our post uniqueness and also our business-related hashtags.

5) Use a short and attractive caption for a post

Always use a relevant caption that you want to show on image, videos, etc and use eye-catchy caption with some question mark, and also include some exciting word that is attracted to the audience for reading our post and show all our post intension that we want to send message to our audience.

6) Promote your brand through the online contest

If your Facebook page is related to education, virtual learning, online coding classes, you should conduct some online competition and giveaway, etc. This type of online content helps increase higher engagement and fan following on our page.

Some more tips you should also follow:
  • Use a poll for posting
  • Reply to people on time
  •  Post Frequently but not too much in a week
  •  Tag Relevant people in a post


  1. Really Interesting😍👌 Thank You for share Social Media Marketing Tips

    1. Welcome, you can read all other article, those will be helpful.


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