What is Breadcrumbs Error

Before going on the process of removing, we have to first clear that exactly what is this error and how this appears and where this is visible for you, and what are the effects if we do not remove this error from our blog/website.

Breadcrumbs are a type of text path and defined your website/blog path for a particular article, For example, you created one blog and didn't mention the heading related to your blog content then how people search that particular blog for that we have created one text path it's not a different activity, you can name to your blog or add a label on it so people easily find out your blog that they are looking for.

If your blog has no heading or doesn't go to home redirect means, your page has breadcrumbs error, they are not easily identified by the user and you are getting error in your search console that makes difficulty for indexing by a Search engine. It is important to remove all errors from your website through Google search console this meets better SEO guidelines.

Errors that mostly occur 

1) Either "name" or "item.name" should be specified:  What exactly the meaning of this sentence, I will clear to you, this means your blog has a specific name or it has a specific class.

The first thing that you should always keep in your mind when you write blogs it has proper healing that denotes to our blog content so user easily goes to the relevant article that they searched.

And  Second thing if your heading is not clear, you should create a path like mentioned a class or label that shows the identity of your blog, for example, if in your blog you created 4 labels, you should assign a similar content article to one label.

2) Invalid URL in field "id": If your blog/article has an invalid or not matchable URL to your blog content then the user or search engine facing difficulty to find a relevant article that they are looking for so for that your have to change your URL id or you decide a particular part and assign labels to those articles that are facing this type of issue.

How to Correct errors 

I personally resolve breadcrumbs errors from my blogger account and here I give the exact trick or method that I used.

  • If you created labels for blogs but did not attach with one or more posts that are related to your labels name so you should name the blog to the related label.
  • Open Google search console and start URL inspection that has your found breadcrumbs error, when you starting you find that the URL is not indexing and the URL has some error so after adding a label on the particular that have you found error, start your Live URL test and wait for some minutes.
  • When URL is indexed on google after and you see that now the same blog has no Breadcrubms error that you received before live Url inspection.
  • Then you go to the Breadcrumbs option and go to validation that is mentioned in front of the error and start validation, after some hour or days your error has been removed from your website/blog.


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