First clear what is Social Media and how we will do social media marketing for promoting business services and how the public will aware of our business.

What Is Social Media Marketing: 

Social Media is a platform to connect with more people through the internet and we can easily talk with each other and share photos, videos, documents, etc to another one, no matter what is the distance between both of us.
Nowadays it's easy for all of us to promote our business through social media platforms. Let's suppose if we start an online business but no one is aware obviously because we don't purchase any land or store to establish a business so in case of online business we need to reach more audience so they will purchase our services, for that what we will do. We will promote our business through social media platforms, for example, we will create a business page and share with the public that was connected to us and also we will choose more options for promotion business like we can create an account on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Here I explain social media marketing tools, where we can manage all social media account in one place. If you want to share the same post through 3 social media platform, Most of the people what will do they share the post through one by one platform but using these tools we can send the same post at the same time from the same place to on different platforms, this saves our time and also we would schedule a time for a post like in which time the post will be updated on a social media platform.

1) Onlypult: 

  • Onlypult is a set of tools for Instagram that allows you to manage multiple accounts, post photos, and videos to Instagram instantly and in this desired date and time. This is the auto-posting tool for Instagram, we can manage multiple Instagram account through this software, and also we will schedule a date and time for sharing the post.  

  • If I have all the content I need, I can schedule out months in advance, on several different accounts and not have to worry about my posts going up at the right time.

  • We also see all the analysis data of our Instagram account through this software. After 7 days fr trial of this software, if you have to manage multiple Instagram accounts, you should choose different types of the plan according to your business need.
  • It offers the users with some amazing built-in filters and it also allows the user to add up to 30 different hashtags.

2) Hootsuite:

  • Hootsuite is a one management tool to manage all different social media platform account. We can add more than one account based on plans at once. In this also scheduling feature is available.
  • It is one of the best software for promoting our business through multiple different social media platforms.
  • It offered many editing options with multiple filters, we can edit and post as per our requirement. It offers a free 30 day trial for business people.
  • It supports multiple Twitter accounts, personal Facebook profiles, and pages, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, and groups. It also supports WordPress, MySpace and Mixi, and Tumblr and YouTube.
  • If We have all the content that needs for the post, we can schedule out months in advance, on several different accounts and not have to worry about my posts going up at the right time.

How we can add multiple accounts and manage at the same time- In this software, multiple options are available like stream, analysis, search, Post scheduling time and date, etc. We just click on stream option and click on add new account and then add the name of the account and click on all browser stream, now we can see all our Facebook posts, and also we can see the unpublished post.

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