Do you ever think about this? If not yet, you should be aware of it. It is the future of marketing and soon this word will boom in the digital marketing world.

Let’s clear the meaning of both and what are the differences between them, have a look.

Remarketing is a result-oriented online advertising and a really popular one at that. Google is one of the major platforms that offer to remarket. You might wonder, what are the benefits of remarketing? Some of these benefits are-

  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost-effective and efficient 
  • Increases ad relevance and reach
  • Targeted marketing
  • Keeps the brand on top of mind
  • Increases rate of conversion 

This article aims to provide clarity to the following topics-

  • What is remarketing?
  • How does it work?
  • What is remarketing in digital marketing?
  • 6 tips for Social media marketing
  • Retargeting vs remarketing
  • Digital marketing prospecting

What is remarketing and how does it work? 

Have you ever noticed the ads that appear on the websites you visit? They are often the ads of products or a site that you have checked out in the past, right? This is because of remarketing. 

Google Remarketing is a type of online advertising that helps a business website to convert leads. Unlike other forms of online advertising that help in lead generation, remarketing help with converting the leads into customers and sales.  

When a customer visits a business website, let’s say you have an online shopping store for apparel, and browse through the website but leave the website without buying any product. There is a high probability that the customer was indeed interested in the website, but decided not to buy the product for other reasons. 

If the business website decides to use Google remarketing to advertise, they target a similar set of audiences. Google will then display the ads of the website and their products on different websites that such customers visit. Prompting them to check out the products and influence them to make purchases. 

How does Google Remarketing work?

Well, it is quite simple. Businesses and websites that use Google ads for online marketing add a remarketing code or pixel or tag to their website. This piece of code helps the site to add the customers who visit the site into their remarketing list. 

What lets the sites specifically target the products or product section that a customer has shown interest in are the customized forms of the pixel that is used for select pages. 

Continuing the above example, your online apparel store has various sections like men’s jeans, women’s jeans, women’s tops, etc.

To specifically target customers who check out the women’s tops section, you will need to embed a customized pixel on the website. So these customers will get your women’s tops ads on other websites, YouTube videos, or social media accounts when they browse.  

What is remarketing in digital marketing?

Remarketing as explained earlier aims to convert people who have already visited a business website but have not taken any action. Remarketing in digital marketing is of the following types 

  • Email Marketing

This is similar to sending follow up emails, except it is the business website that sends the email. For example, if you have added a few items to your cart and left without checking out you will probably receive an email from the business reminding you to complete your purchase.

  • Video remarketing 

This refers to display ads in the form of a video on platforms like YouTube. The ads are displayed to a custom list of audiences who have previously visited the business website. 

  • Standard remarketing

This involves displaying ads to visitors of a site who have not taken any further action. In other words, this is typical remarketing.

  • Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing on the other hand are ads that are displayed to audiences based on set behaviour. For example the 20% off offered by websites on the occasion of your birthday.

6 Tips for Social Media Remarketing

Various social media platforms like Facebook, allow remarketing and retargeting for better results and increased conversion rates. But how do you optimise your remarketed ads? Following the below list might help -

  1. Target a set audience
  2. Create ads that make you stand out 
  3. Try A/B testing to opt for the best one among alternative ads.
  4. Run ads for a limited time period
  5. Use multiple sources to build your target audience
  6. Avoid displaying your ad to the audience who have already converted

Difference between Retargeting Vs Remarketing

The two words are often used interchangeably. While remarketing and retargeting do share some similarities and have the same goal, they also differ from each other. 

Retargeting uses browser cookies to target the audience and is usually related to display ads on the websites.

Whereas, remarketing relies more on emails. To give an example, you might have noticed in your inbox, especially under promotions, a few emails from a site that you recently visited. For instance, an email containing a 30% off site-wide coupon code. This is because of remarketing. 


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