Why we need to remove m=1 from the blogger URL, because if we want after some time to convert our blogger website into WordPress, At that time we facing many issues and unable to convert our blog into a WordPress theme.
  • The m present in the URL represents that we are using that website in the mobile view. Obviously, we create our website as per desktop view and then convert into a mobile view, because it's necessary to our website is mobile-friendly, everyone has every time to find any information on our mobile instead of desktop.
  • If you have moved your blog from blogger to self-hosted WordPress platform, then you likely to see a 404 or page not found error for URLs ending with ?m=1. These are blogger mobile version URLs.
  • The second one, also it doesn't look good after every blog URL, if we copied the URL and want to send it to others, it also consists of m-1 without blog URL, it's very irrelevant.
Here I describe how to remove m=1 from your blog URL, For this, I created HTML code that is helpful for removing this from the URL.

I provide one code, Go to the theme and you should paste that code into your HTML edit option before the end of </body> tag and save the code. For getting code, click on below Download code link and get code for remove m=1 from your blog URLs.

Remove m=1 From URL of Blogger post

So Today I Will Show You How To Remove ?m=1 From Blogger. You Have To Follow Some Simple Steps.

➡️ Go To Blogger
➡️ Go To Theme
➡️ Click On Edit HTML
➡️ Press CTRL+F And Find </body>
➡️ Copy the Code Given Above.
➡️ And Paste That Code Above </body> Tag.


  1. can we put above code under < head >

    I tried to find < body > and < body/ > was not found so I put code under the < head > it worked but I'm worried that is it right , it will never hurt any seo or my my AdSense code or something els just I want to confirm by the way this your code worked very well and now I see URL without ?m=1 that is so awesome , please reply

    1. But in every code, head and body tag is available without these, how your code is running. And the process that I wrote in this article is correct as per SEO parameters and also according to W3C code validation, this one is correct.

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