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Pinterest is an image-based social media network where users and businesses can promote and explore their interests by pinning images and videos on virtual bulletin boards. Pinterest has evolved into a highly-effective selling tool for online businesses due to its visual nature and retail-friendly audience.

Pinterest works on a unique concept that I personally like, which includes we will create a board for a particular topic and then create a pin, in which we write about our content in a short term, Putting our blog and website link with an attractive poster image that one plays an important role for our pin. We also use relevant hashtags and images so customers easily find our pin that one is related to their search.

More followers mean greater brand awareness

In the starting phase, we should work on our boards and pin to upload daily with attractive images with content so if someone searching and your pin is attractive to us so people open your pin and board and redirect to our website content, we no need to put more content as a post description like we are doing in Facebook, Linkedin, etc., if you are active on daily basis on Pinterest then you get more followers in a very short time.

Tips to increase followers:

  • Be Selective of Your Boards.
  • Follow Other Pinners.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Make the Necessary Connections.
  • Pick the Best Time for Pinning.
  • Spark Engagement with Contests.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Popular Boards.

The more followers your brand has, the greater the impact of your pins. In earlier years, Pinterest displayed content in chronological order, but all that changed after the introduction of its Smart Feed. Similar to the changes Facebook made to its News Feed, Smart Feed is an advanced algorithm that determines which pins users see in their feeds, and brands with a large number of followers often get greater visibility. Some experts advise companies to pin between 15 and 20 times daily in order to grow a loyal following on Pinterest.

Pinterest post has a longer lifespan 

When a user or business posts content to a social media site, that post has an average lifespan where visibility and impact diminish over time. Website traffic and sales lead acquired through pins typically last longer than posts on any other social media website. Without any boosts from advertising, Facebook and Twitter posts have an average shelf life of a couple hours, whereas businesses sometimes get leads from Pinterest after 30 days or more.

Facts You Need to Know About Pinterest

  • Users definitely Make a Purchase After Seeing a Brand’s Content on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Is the Third Biggest Social Network in the U.S.
  • Users Say They’ve Tried Something New They Found on Pinterest.
  • International Pinterest Users Are Growing in Number
  • Pinterest has also include Video Reactions.
  • Putting Your Brand Name in Your Pin’s Description, Field Drives  Higher Awareness,.
  • Mentioning Pricing in the Description, Drives Higher Sales
  • Pins That Are Consistent with Landing Pages Have Higher Conversion Rates

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