Is Twitter political messenger?

We all know, nowadays social media play a vital role in any business success and political parties is more trending on twitter. People are more interesting to use social media platforms and they are updating every day.

Here I share one of the latest examples of Congress parties fight for Rajasthan CM, two parties try to get the seat of CM.  On twitter, everyone shared their own views and debate from two different parties. When I opened my according I saw twitter full of the messages of politicians and they tweet to other people and try to include in their own parties. The content that spreads the most may have the biggest impact on social media, so individuals, community leaders, and even political elites could see their influence enhanced by emphasizing morality and emotion in their online messaging.

Here I shared my opinion about twitter; this platform is treading in terms of discussion on politics, sociology topics, law, journalism, education, etc. I think the twitter platform is mostly used by the film industry, political people and they debate on each and every topic.


According to me most trending topics on Twitter:

According to my opinion, the most famous topics that trend on social media are fashion, food, education, etc. If we compare to that political message earns most reach when people decide to follow an account or Retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people's education topics, jobs. Everyone takes more interest to know about politics or government trends, debate, movie stars, etc.

And greater engagement with national politics on Twitter is tied to political behaviors that extend beyond the social media platform. Those who tweet about politics are more likely than other users to report engaging in a variety of political activities, such as attending rallies and contacting elected officials.

We all know social media is one platform for sharing our thoughts, problems and try to find out the solution through others connections but sometimes it plays a fierce role in terms of sociality and political.


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