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Here I share some recommendation that is true and working to get a higher rank on Google, Before starting the website through any platform, we all mind have some topic, in which we want to create a website. Choose one unique and interesting topic as per your interest.
We all know for each engine has its algorithm and a pattern that they are following but they all have want unique ideas and content from our side.

What will the key quality has to include in your website, Let's discuss-

Unique Content: We all know if we want our place anywhere, what we have a uniqueness that is most important, this feature will show different from others. As similar if we want to make a website and want to reach more people for this we have to write unique content with attractive images and videos. Content covered with three things that are educational, empowering, and entertainment, if those are included means we covered most of the public interest in one package.

Strongly Follow On-Page SEO: We all are aware from On-Page SEO if someone has no idea about on-page SEO, I explain- For the website we all know what we include before starting to write content, first we decide the title of our website then we prepare one description in which we covered a short overview of our website topic. The meta description will have to include exact keywords belonging to website content, not include unnecessary or different the information of website content.
One more thing if we purchase the domain name of our website this will also similar to website topic/content so search engines easily find out our website content and help us to get better rank on Google.

Backlinks: First I explain what is backlinks, it is a kind of website or blog and worked on our website as a third party website, which means if we include another person website link on our website through their permission. When a webpage links to any other page, it's called a backlink.
To include backlinks in our website, we should more focus on the quality of webpages because if we add one webpage but the content is not useful or irrelevant then our website rank will be decrease or not displaying on search engine result page so most important that we first check the quality of webpage that we want to include on our website.
One more thing, that I suggest, you should always add similar content webpages that are related to our website content/topic.

Rank Website On Google

Things to remove from your website immediately if you want to rank on Google: 

- Old/Outdated blog posts and press releases
- E-commerce product pages with zero sales
- Thin content
- Pages with duplicate content

Most Common Technical Issues:

- Duplicate or missing title tags
- Duplicate description tags
- Broken links
- Pages blocked by Robots.Txt
- 302 redirects that should be 301 redirects

Software that is used for checking all SEO parameters for our site:

Semrush website SEO analysis reports will help you to find and fix the on-site issues and boost SEO optimization.
- Check your site's health with our SEO analysis tool
- Prioritize SEO issue and decide what to fix first
- Track SEO optimization progress
- Ensure the security of your website with HTTPS checks
- Detect all possible implementation issues. 


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