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We all know,  if we make a website then we need to promote our website on different platforms for getting traffic on the website. We write some articles and want to reach more people or we can say more audiences view our website and get benefits and grape knowledge.

Here I will give a recommendation on how to get more traffic on the website and share our post and knowledge with people.
  • is a website, where people update our questions and answers related to many categories like technology, business, products, and service, art and fashion, science, etc.
  • Some people post their question and others are providing answer based on their questions, you think how this website is helpful for getting traffic through questions and answers, I solve your problem through one example if you create website content on social media marketing and you wrote content related to different types of topics then what should you done, you just select a category related to social media marketing on Quora and give answers related to your topics and also you can paste your website post link in answer and people will read your answer.
  • You can create your spaces on Quora means to create one platform related to your niche and also promote that spaces through inviting people. In  Spaces you can also post your content that is visible in Quora feed and everyone that was available on Quora also see your post. 

Quora has some policy, you should follow that policies like don't post wrong answers or irrelevant content for just promoting our website or get traffic on site.

You need to create one account on Quora and you also post your questions if you want to ask something and you can also solve your problem.
  • Question Hub is a free Google website where you can answer people's questions through your website content.
  • How it works: You just create your account in question hub website or directly sign up through Google account, First, you need to select multiple topics as per your interest or as per your website content, after adding the topic Google will automatically provide questions related to your website content and you just click on questions and paste your article link directly.
  • If you don't have answers for a particular question you just simply delete the questions or topic and for adding a new topic you can click on Add Question option.
  • Google itself provides organic traffic through question hub site and you also check your answer performance like how many clicks or impressions happen.

How to get organic traffic on website

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