Social Media Marketing

We all are aware of social media platform and I think all of us being a part of any one or more than one social media tool, we all use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and upload many pictures and videos related to our life. Also, we get all information or news related to the whole world that is great for all.

Through those social media platforms, we can easily do marketing for our business or product and services. If you have strong command on these platforms means you will grow your business very far and utilize the features of social media platforms like through advertisement we can easily reach more audiences and built strong customer relationships.

Social Media Marketing

Why Use LinkedIn: 

  • We all know most of the people are only use the social media platform for uploading pictures and videos and also for talking with friends. LinkedIn is the best platform for social media marketing because here only those type of people was connected that really want to grow our business or services and get more customer.
  • LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where people only talk in a professional manner and do not upload any pictures and videos that are based on their daily routine or do not post any irrelevant information.
  • We mentioned all our professional information like what is the experience, in which field we are related or work, from where we get an education, which field we got certificate and honor, etc. If someone sees our profile they aware of our knowledge and interest.
  • I personally accommodate LinkedIn for promoting a business because where people only want interesting information and see all our posts seriously and read all content and appreciate your work.

Features of LinkedIn:

Create a company page: LinkedIn allows you to create your company page based on your business profile and add all information publicly so people follow you and see all your company details and posts. What different in it? People only follow the page and also see the company website directly through this page.  

Share posts with pictures and videos: LinkedIn has also similar features to other social media marketing platforms like Facebook, twitter. We can write our content by uploading images and videos. I give one recommendation to all, if you share your website content or blog content, you can share videos as well as a post on topics because people more like to see videos, it will help to increase traffic on the website. 

Upload documents and articles:  One more option included in this, LinkedIn allow also to upload a document file and write articles.

Advertisement for business: For reach at more audience, LinkedIn provides an advertisement feature, through this, we promote our business easily.

Free Courses: LinkedIn conducts the free course for learning new skills and also provide a certificate with that course. It helps us to develop ourselves.
Premium member benefits: What are the benefits for a premium member? I clear this question, if we sent a connection request to someone, we cannot send any message without accepting our connection request but if we connect with the premium plan, we send messages not matter we are connecting or not.
Re-share post:  This is a unique feature on LinkedIn, if I sent one post and tag my friend or ask my friend to re-share this post so friend's connection also sees our post and we get more likes and comments and also reach our post to more people.

We can tag similar people that are related to our post content or similar to our field so they can send our views and post make an interesting.

#Hashtag play a vital role in LinkedIn, if we create a post and include a similar hashtag or high follower hashtag, it means our post reach to more audience that are related to same industry and through hashtag we get more visible to people and it increases our insight data. 

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