Add Share Option On Your Blog Post/Website

As we all know share option is a must in any post or website. If someone wants to send something to others then they use share options like through Whatsapp,  LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and send relevant content.

We all know the share option is available on the blog but some social media sharing option is not present so here we learn, how to add or remove sharing site from page/websites.

Step 1) Open site.

Share Option

Step 2) Click on Sign Up option( Right upper side) and fill all details like your blog URL/Website URL, where you want to add the share button and your Email Id and new password and submit.

Add Share Option

Step 3)  After that you see some HTML code, copy this code

And go to your blogger theme and click on Edit HTML option and paste the code before the closing of the body (Press Ctrl F and search </body> tag).

Save the HTML code and click on Start Using Sumo.

Step 4) Put error on Extra option (Upper middle) and click on the share option as seen below.

After that click on setting option

Where you show two services first is Available Services where all sharing options are available, drag the icon from available services to selected services (These are the services, we want on the blog page or on the website).

Then Save the setting

Step 5) Next go to the Layout option and set the share option place, where you want to show up on your blog/ website, click on the place as shown below, and save.

Step 6) One more thing, you also enable the mobile devices view option so you can see share option on your mobile device, otherwise share option is disabled on your mobile.

Then option your blog page/website and see the share option if you want to change something again, you will do it through this site, again open the site and log in from your credential.

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